Our Team

At Thayer Ventures, we blend the professional backgrounds of our direct investment team with the industry expertise and market influence of our Strategic Limited Partners and world-class Advisory Board to drive extraordinary results. We believe this approach differentiates our firm and offers value far beyond the capital we deploy.

Investment Team

The travel industry is supported today by traditional brand managers and property operators who are being forced to rapidly deploy new technologies in order to mitigate the strongest consumer headwinds of our lifetime – a disruptive trend which will continue for years to come. The Thayer Ventures investment team was specifically assembled to understand all facets of this industry shift – collectively the Managing Directors and Venture Partners have founded and operated 9 companies in the travel technology industry, led Internet and technology investment banking teams that have completed a significant number of travel industry transactions, and invested venture capital in the hospitality and travel tech industries for over 30 years.

Strategic Limited Partners

Thayer Venture’s Strategic Limited Partners include hospitality and travel industry veterans who collectively possess an expertise in these industries never before assembled in one firm. Together, our Strategic Limited Partners own or operate over 10,000 restaurant locations and more than 6,600 hotel properties incorporating 45 brands across 63 countries. This investor list includes executives from the hotel, restaurant, airline, gaming and travel sectors, and also includes fellow venture capitalists and other investment professionals, along with technology entrepreneurs and co-investors of the Thayer Venture principals in prior venture capital funds.

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